Filthy Frank Net Worth, Height, Bio, Facts

Filthy Frank Biography
  • Name: Filthy Frank
  • Age: 26 years old
  • Height: 5ft 8in (173 cm)
  • Occupation: YouTuber/Singer
  • Net Worth: US $2 Million
  • Status: Alive

Filthy Frank is a Japanese-Australian YouTuber, singer, songwriter and author. He’s also known by the monikers Joji, Papa Franku, and Pink Guy. He operates three popular YouTube channels ‘TVFilthyFrank’, ‘TooDamnFilthy’ and ‘DizastaMusic’. His first book ‘Francis of the Filth’ was published in September 2017. His discography includes Pink Season (2017) and In Tongues (2017). Filthy Frank was born George Miller on September 18, 1992 in Osaka, Japan. He’s a 2012 graduate of Canadian Academy in Higashinada-ku, Kobe. He reportedly attended college in Brooklyn, New York.

Frank created his YouTube account ‘DizastaMusic’ in 2008. It features a number of original sketch comedy videos. He garnered more than 55 million views on the February 2013 video “Do The Harlem Shake”. His second/main account ‘TVFilthyFrank’ was created in January 2013. That channel has blossomed to 5.4+ million subscribers and more than 665 million video views. Some of his most watched videos are ‘Best Of Pink Guy’, ‘Weeaboos’, ‘100 Accurate Life Hacks’, ‘Rice Balls’ and ‘Fried Noodles’. He’s collaborated with other YouTuber stars like iDubbbzTV (Ian Carter), and MaxMoeFoe (Max Stanley). His third channel ‘TooDamnFilthy’ has 1.8+ million subscribers and upwards of 180 million views. The channel features a Harambe tribute song titled “A True Friend”. The channel includes his ‘Japanese 101’ and his ‘Cringe of The Week’ video series. Filthy Frank has 775K+ followers on Twitter. You can also find him on Facebook and Instagram.

In addition to YouTube, Frank is a musician. He’s released music under the stage names ‘Pink Guy’ and ‘Joji’. His debut mixtape, Pink Guy, was independently released in May 2014. His second mixtape, Pink Season (2017), peaked at #70 on the Billboard 200 and at #9 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. It features 35 songs, including “Are You Serious”, “STFU” and “Dumplings”. His EP, Pink Season: The Prophecy, was released in May 2017 on the 88rising label. It features guest vocals from Borgore, Getter, Tasty Treat, and Axel Boy. Frank releases his more serious/traditional music as Joji. His debut EP as Joji, In Tongues, was released in November 2017 by Empire Distribution. It include songs like “Will He”, “Pills” and “Worldstar Money”.

Filthy Frank is around 5ft 8in tall and he’s of Japanese and Australian descent. His net worth is estimated at $2 million. He earns primarily from YouTube (1+ billion views across 3 channels), music sale, and book sale. He also sells merchandise including t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, and phone cases. Frank speaks fluent English and Japanese. He spends his time between the United States and Australia.

Filthy Frank Age, Birthday, Salary, Wiki

  • Birth Name: George Miller
  • Birthday: September 18, 1992
  • How Old : Age: 26 years old
  • Place of Birth: Osaka, Japan
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • How Tall : Height: 5ft 8in (173 cm)
  • Occupation: YouTuber, Singer, Songwriter, Author
  • Years Active: 2008-present
  • Net Worth & Salary: US $2 Million
  • Marriage(s):
  • Death-O-Meter: Alive

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