Sidney Poitier Net Worth, Height, Bio, Facts

Sidney Poitier Biography
  • Name: Sidney Poitier
  • Age: 91 years old
  • Height: 6ft 2in (188 cm)
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Net Worth: US $25 Million
  • Status: Alive

Sidney Poitier is an actor and film director. He became the first African-American Academy Award winner for Best Actor in 1964. He was born to Bahamian parents Evelyn and Reginald Poitier on February 20, 1927 in Miami, Florida. He grew up in Cat Island, Bahamas. He moved back to Miami, Florida as a teenager and later to New York City. He served briefly in the U.S. Army prior to acting.

Poitier joined the American Negro Theater and appeared in early productions like ‘Days of Our Youth’, ‘Lysistrata’ and ‘Anna Lucasta’. He made his film debut in the 1950 film noir, No Way Out. Poitier played his breakout role “Gregory Miller” in the 1955 film, Blackboard Jungle. He won his first Academy Award in 1964 for the film, Lilies of the Field. Other notable films include ‘To Sir, with Love’, ‘In the Heat of the Night’ and ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner’. He was ranked among the Greatest Male Stars of classic Hollywood cinema by the American Film Institute in 1999. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009 by President Barack Obama.

Sidney Poitier is 6ft 2in tall and has a net worth of $25 million. He married first wife “Juanita Hardy” from 1950-1965 and current wife “Joanna Shimkus” from 1976 to present. He has 6 daughters, Beverly, Pamela, Sherri, Gina, Anika and Sydney.

Sidney Poitier Bio, Net Worth, Facts
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Sidney Poitier Age, Birthday, Salary, Wiki

  • Birth Name: Sidney Poitier
  • Birthday: February 20, 1927
  • How Old : Age: 91 years old
  • Place of Birth: Miami, Florida, United States
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • How Tall : Height: 6ft 2in (188 cm)
  • Occupation: Actor, Film Director
  • Years Active: 1943-2008
  • Net Worth & Salary: US $25 Million
  • Marriage(s): Juanita Hardy, Joanna Shimkus
  • Death-O-Meter: Alive

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