Risen Mikey Net Worth, Height, Bio, Facts

Risen Mikey Biography
  • Name: Risen Mikey
  • Age: 24 years old
  • Height: 5ft 8in (173 cm)
  • Occupation: Rapper
  • Net Worth: Pending
  • Status: Alive

Risen Mikey is an American rapper and record producer. Known for his versatility, he’s performed a number of music styles including, hardcore, horrorcore, drill and love jams. His discography include Risen (2017) and Changes (2018). He’s also the founder and CEO of Risen Records. Risen was born Christian Michael Delatorre on May 6, 1994, in Martinez, California. He has three siblings, 2 sisters and a brother.

Risen began his music career in 2009. His biggest influences include Hopsin, Montana of 300, Rico Recklezz. He started out as a bass guitarist for the heavy metal band ‘Deathly Shadows’. After a few months, he and his bandmate Michael “Splatter” Burton began to rap under the moniker W.A.C. The duo performed their first show (January 22, 2010) with all metal bands and instantly gained a following. They continued to perform and later released their demo-tape on Myspace. The duo embarked on their ‘Wacky to Wikid’ tour across the bay area and valley. W.A.C eventually split and Risen went solo. He has since released projects like Last chance EP, Injustice, Bay Boy, Bama & Sparks. The bulk of his music can be found on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Risen took a year off before returning to music. In 2017, he founded Risen Records and signed Cece Taylor and Ghetto Money Gang. His debut studio album, Risen, arrived in November 2017. It included songs like “This World”, “Life’s A Jungle” and “My Ride or Die”. The album featured guest appearances from Rudeboy, Cece Taylor and D-ill. It also featured production from his childhood friend Splatter. Risen’s controversial track “[email protected]#K Donald Trump” dropped in January 2018. It sparked multiple reactions and actually landed him a meeting with the secret service. His next project, Changes, followed in February 2018. The 4-tracked EP included songs like “I Do It For The Money” and “Make Dat B!+ch Scream”. On April 5, 2018, Risen dropped ‘Throwback Risen’ which included 7 re-released songs. He’s currently working on another album titled Wavy.

Risen stands 5ft 8in tall and he rules under the sign Taurus. He has multiple tattoos including one of “W.A.C” and another of a microphone. Risen enjoys making beats, playing sports and camping. He also loves playing concerts and traveling.

Risen Mikey Bio, Net Worth, Facts
Photo by Risen Mikey

Risen Mikey Age, Birthday, Salary, Wiki

  • Birth Name: Christian Michael Delatorre
  • Birthday: May 6, 1994
  • How Old : Age: 24 years old
  • Place of Birth: Martinez, California, United States
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • How Tall : Height: 5ft 8in (173 cm)
  • Occupation: Rapper, Record Producer
  • Years Active: 2009-present
  • Net Worth & Salary:
  • Marriage(s):
  • Death-O-Meter: Alive

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