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KT McFarland Biography
  • Name: KT McFarland
  • Age: 67 years old
  • Height: Unknown
  • Occupation: Security Analyst
  • Net Worth: Pending
  • Status: Alive

KT McFarland is an American government security official and former Fox News National Security Analyst. She was named Deputy National Security Advisor by President-elect Donald Trump. McFarland was born Kathleen Troia on July 24, 1951 in Madison, Wisconsin. Her parents were Edith and August Troia. McFarland graduated from Madison West High School in 1969. She earned a BA from George Washington University (1973) and a BA & MA from Oxford University (1978). McFarland later enrolled in the PhD program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She focused her studies on nuclear weapons, China and the Soviet Union.

McFarland began her government career working part-time at the White House Situation Room. She spent several years in the West Wing before she was named to Henry Kissinger‘s National Security Council Staff. She served as an aide during President Richard Nixon and President Gerald Ford administrations. McFarland worked as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs from 1982 through 1985 under President Ronald Reagan. She was honored with the Defense Distinguished Service Medal in 1985 for her services.

In 2006, McFarland ran for the New York U.S. Senate as a member of the Republican Party. She was defeated in the primary by fellow Republican John Spencer. Spencer ultimately lost the general election to Democrat Hillary Clinton. McFarland was selected as Deputy National Security Advisor by the Trump administration in November 2016. She previously served as deputy national security analyst for Fox News. She also hosted FoxNews.com’s DefCon 3 and contributed to the Fox Forum.

KT McFarland married husband ‘Alan Roberts McFarland’ in 1985. They have three children, Fiona Fuller, Lucas Haskell and Camilla Collins. McFarland is a member of The Jamestown Foundation. She’s also a member of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

KT McFarland Bio, Net Worth, Facts
Photo By Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

KT McFarland Age, Birthday, Salary, Wiki

  • Birth Name: Kathleen Troia McFarland
  • Birthday: July 24, 1951
  • How Old : Age: 67 years old
  • Place of Birth: Madison, Wisconsin, United States
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • How Tall : Height:
  • Occupation: Government Official, Security Analyst
  • Net Worth & Salary:
  • Marriage(s): Alan Roberts McFarland, Jr.
  • Death-O-Meter: Alive

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