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Chumlee Biography
  • Name: Chumlee
  • Age: 36 years old
  • Height: 5ft 9in (176 cm)
  • Occupation: Reality Star
  • Net Worth: US $5 Million
  • Status: Alive

Chumlee is an American reality star, actor and businessman. He’s best known for starring on the reality show ‘Pawn Stars’ on the History Channel. His television credits include ‘Counting Cars’ and ‘Pawnography’. Chumlee was born Austin Lee Russell on September 8, 1982 in Henderson, Nevada. His father died from pancreatic cancer at age 54. He has two siblings, Sage and Terra. He was also childhood friends with future businessman Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison.

Chumlee began his tenure at the ‘Gold & Silver Pawn Shop’ in his early 20s. The 24-hour shop was opened by Richard Harrison and Rick Harrison back in 1989. The reality series ‘Pawn Stars’ premiered on the History Channel on July 19, 2009. The show is filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is produced by Leftfield Pictures. It became one of the History Channel’s highest rated show since its inception. On the show, Chumlee specializes in areas like sneakers, video games and pinball machines. He also test items and write tickets for shop customers.

Chumlee has since appeared on Pawnography (2014-15), Counting Cars (2012-13), American Restoration (2010-12) and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (2010-13). He made a guest appearance on the teen sitcom ‘iCarly’ in 2012. He served as producer, editor and director for the documentary short, Driven: The Story of Tanner Godfrey (2013). His acting credit include the crime-horror, Resurrection (2011). In addition to television, Chumlee is a successful businessman. He founded his own company which sells novelty items such as T-shirts. Rick Harrison bought into his company for a reported $155,000 in 2010.

Chumlee is about 5ft 9in tall and his net worth is estimated at $5 million. He owns several luxury cars including a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a Maserati GranTurismo and a Range Rover. He’s currently dating Los Vegas chef ‘Tanya Hyjazi’. Chumlee is a shoe collector, sports enthusiast and video game addict. His favorite television shows include Boardwalk Empire and Sons of Anarchy. He’s also a fan of punk rock and rap music.

Chumlee’s home was raided in March 2016 during an investigation into sexual assault. Police found a gun, marijuana and crystal meth during their search. Several other legally owned firearms were found during a later raid. Chumlee was charged with multiple felony counts, including drug/weapon charges on May 23, 2016. He pleaded guilty to some of the charges and was given 3 years probation and counseling.

Chumlee Bio, Net Worth, Facts
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Chumlee Age, Birthday, Salary, Wiki

  • Birth Name: Austin Lee Russell
  • Birthday: September 8, 1982
  • How Old : Age: 36 years old
  • Place of Birth: Henderson, Nevada, United States
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • How Tall : Height: 5ft 9in (176 cm)
  • Occupation: Television Personality, Businessman
  • Years Active: 2003-present
  • Net Worth & Salary: US $5 Million
  • Marriage(s):
  • Death-O-Meter: Alive

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